RT @arbin82: Death is a doorway not a destination @ONEcrossing5 days ago
RT @ClaytonHentzel: What happens after you die depends on what you did before you died! - @_JerryHarris #truth #endtimes @ONEcrossing5 days ago
RT @IBKeys: An intimate, personal relationship with Jesus Christ is so important because he holds the keys to death. Rev.1:18 @_JerryHarris5 days ago
RT @IBKeys: You were not made for this. Death is not a natural thing. We bear the image of God, created for life. @_JerryHarris #EndTimes5 days ago
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The best part of #HerStory? He makes everything new. And you can be a part of His beautiful, immortal Church. http://t.co/o1SBMbgxvX1 week ago
#HerStory is imperfect because it includes your story. But God redeems even our darkest stories with His perfect one! http://t.co/WvjluiG5O82 weeks ago