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My Crossing Story!


Surrender Over Control | Watch week 2 of The Choice here: #ONEcrossing #TheChoice #SurrenderOverControl hours ago
I don't have time for that. I can't come down. I'm doing a great work. #ONEcrossing #TheChoice days ago
Have you checked out our One Missions Café at your local campus? All the proceeds go toward supporting our various mission partners! #ONEcrossing #ONEmission #coffee days ago
Purpose Over Popularity | Watch week 1 of The Choice here: #ONEcrossing #TheChoice #PurposeOverPopularity days ago
Our apologies Crossing Church! Our Online service went down this past weekend, but don't worry you can catch up on week 1 of The Choice here: #ONEcrossing #TheChoice week ago
RT @_JerryHarris: Our online service was just cyber-attacked! That’s why service is down. Affected over 1000 churches!1 week ago
Our apologies Crossing Church! If we aren’t able to make it back up, make sure you check our archive this week to get caught up! You don’t want to miss @ClaytonHentzel’s message on #PurposeOverPopularity week ago