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My Crossing Story!


We see you trying. There's no doubt you've been putting effort into being Christ-centered this Christmas. Here are some tips we love that may help you out at home: hours ago
Your past can be one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. Listen as Jerry explains how to harness your past. You can watch the full message at days ago
We are growing in anticipation for the celebration of the birth of our King. Our Crossing Kids teams handed out these advent calendars for families to participate in together. As a church family, we'd love to go through it with you! Click to download: days ago
Releasing this Christmas at a Crossing location near you... #ONEcrossing #ChristmasAtTheCrossing days ago
We may be more like Ebenezer Scrooge than we think. Listen as Jerry explains how. Then go watch the full message at ___ #ONECrossing #GhostsofChristmas week ago
"You can have peace in your heart even though you don't have peace at home" What a great word! You can watch the full message by visiting ___ #ONEcrossing #HugAVampire weeks ago
Halloween may be over but are you prepared for our creepy rendition of Christmas? Join us this weekend as we launch into our new series, Ghosts of Christmas! 👻 #GhostsOfChristmas #ONEcrossing weeks ago