The Crossing Church

#TakeBackThursday begins in ONE WEEK! Regular attender? Talk to your campus about how you can volunteer on Thursdays! days ago
We're so excited to see what God has in store for our kids and student ministries! #TakeBackThursday! days ago
10 days until Thursdays are live in Quincy, Macomb, Pittsfield, Hannibal, Mt. Sterling and online! #TakeBackThursday days ago
RT @IBKeys: The Crossing is heading to Paducah, KY. Praise to God for the opportunity. @_JerryHarris @ONEcrossing #OneChurchMultipleLocatio6 days ago
RT @ClaytonHentzel: People aren't scared out of hell as much as they are LOVED out of hell! #endtimes #ONEcrossing6 days ago
RT @arbin82: People in hell will all have one thing in common. Not having an intimate personal relationship with Jesus Christ @ONEcrossing6 days ago
RT @Joey_CrossingTV: I know you've always wondered if hell is real. Come see if your right at! @ONEcrossing6 days ago