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My Crossing Story!


Jesus meets you where you are, and you don't have to be perfect to meet him. You can watch the full message at ___ #ONEcrossing #MandelaEffect hours ago
Who else has been getting their world rocked by The Mandela Effect?! 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ Join us this week as we continue the series! Don’t forget to take this week's poll: #ONEcrossing #MandelaEffect days ago
Monmouth, you were incredible! The energy in the room was something that can't be described with words! We are so thankful for a God who is faithful in all things and for our leaders who have a vision and passion for the seeking the lost! #ONEcrossing #CrossingMonmouth days ago
This week we broke the Mandela Effect that Jesus runs away from your mess! Join us this week as we continue the series, The Mandela Effect! Take a quick second to take this week's poll: #ONEcrossing #MandelaEffect week ago
Services today were 🔥! Thank you for joining us today at The Crossing Monmouth! We are so thankful for everyone who showed up and helped get the building ready! If you missed out, we hope you'll join us next Sunday at 10:00am! #ONEcrossing #CrossingMonmouth weeks ago
RT @_JerryHarris: Crossing Monmouth launches with 414!!! weeks ago
T O M O R R O W Sunday, 10:00am The Armory Building Monmouth, Illinois We can't wait to see you! PLAN YOUR VISIT: #BeOurGuest #ONEcrossing #CrossingMonmouth weeks ago