The Crossing Church

We're so excited to see what God has in store for our kids and student ministries! #TakeBackThursday! days ago
10 days until Thursdays are live in Quincy, Macomb, Pittsfield, Hannibal, Mt. Sterling and online! #TakeBackThursday days ago
RT @IBKeys: The Crossing is heading to Paducah, KY. Praise to God for the opportunity. @_JerryHarris @ONEcrossing #OneChurchMultipleLocatio4 days ago
RT @ClaytonHentzel: People aren't scared out of hell as much as they are LOVED out of hell! #endtimes #ONEcrossing4 days ago
RT @arbin82: People in hell will all have one thing in common. Not having an intimate personal relationship with Jesus Christ @ONEcrossing4 days ago
RT @Joey_CrossingTV: I know you've always wondered if hell is real. Come see if your right at! @ONEcrossing4 days ago
Two weeks until we #TakeBackThursday! We can't wait to see you on Thursday nights! week ago