Crossing Kids Live!
Join us for this free event for 3-year-olds through 5 graders!

Dates vary by campus
June 27-29 | July 18-20 | July 19-21

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My Crossing Story!


Psalm 46:5 "God is within her, she will not fall..."11 hours ago
Kirksville CKL starts tonight! If you haven't signed your children up yet, it isn't too late! They will not want to miss this!1 day ago
What has been your favorite sermon memory of this year? Have you been touched by a point that has been made?2 days ago
Your week is officially over! How has June been for you? What great memories have you received from moments this month?3 days ago
Don't forget that if you miss a sermon, they will be posted on! Head over there if you ever miss it!4 days ago
Today is National Let It Go Day! Do not let little things stress you out today. Take some time for yourself to relax!5 days ago
Have you signed up your high schoolers for CIY this year? This is a life-changing event that you won't want them to miss! #CIY20166 days ago