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What was your first impression of the new sermon series? What are you most looking forward to learning about? #ChangingItUp2 hours ago
It's officially the last day of April! How are you going to spend it? #SummerIsAroundTheCorner1 day ago
Did you know that today was World Wish Day? What are you wishing for? What are you hopeful for? #StartTheConversation2 days ago
Today is the start of our new sermon series! If you haven't done so already, invite a friend or two to join you. It will be well worth it!3 days ago
Join us this week for the start of our brand new series! #DifferenceMakers days ago
The Crossing hopes everybody has a Happy Hump Day today! Remember to stay strong while you finish out this week. #HappyHumpDay4 days ago
As you go through today, remember that God is with you. He's always beside you and always will be. You are never alone!5 days ago