God loves us. He wants us to reflect that love back to Him and out to others.

How do we do that? Matthew 22:37-40

We do that by making disciples who have an intimate personal relationship with Him.

How do we do that? Matthew 28:18-20

We do that by encouraging people to:

Follow Jesus
Be changed by Jesus
Share in the mission of Jesus
Matthew 4:19

What happens when we do that together?

Together, we live these out through the church that Jesus Christ Himself built. Its model and purpose is defined in Ephesians 4:11-13.

  • We rest firmly on the foundation of the Lordship of Christ.
  • God establishes leaders on this foundation.
  • These leaders teach, mentor, model, shepherd, and disciple to prepare God’s people for ministry.
  • These prepared disciples then do effective ministry inside the church and out in the world.
  • This ministry inevitably results in growth, both numerically and spiritually.
  • As each does his part, the church begins to function in unity.
  • Then together as one, the church matures into a body that reflects Jesus Christ in ever-increasing measure.