Small groups are a place where the church gets more personal. Where people can be known and know others, and authentic relationships develop and grow. These are safe places where people can ask hard questions about life and God. Small groups are intended to be a place where people can let down their walls and share real struggles as fallible people living life in a broken world.

Our entire church, from adults to youth and children, meet together in various forms of small groups each week. There are many any types of small groups: traditional home groups, formal Bible studies, men’s/women’s discipleship groups, specialized groups – marriage, recovery, affinity, etc.  

The believers in the early church lived life together in a radical way – embracing the truth of God’s word and applying it to their lives. As a result of their willingness to surrender to God and live life together in unity, people began to take notice. The response was nothing short of miraculous. People saw something in the lives (words and actions) of these believers that they themselves were literally dying to have – they saw Jesus.

 This too is our goal. Our small groups are one of the primary means by which we as a church – through the power and leading of God and His Holy Spirit, will accomplish this goal.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact your Campus Office and we would be glad to help! 

Need help studying the Bible? Try this study tool!

The Basic Four asks:

  1. Observation: what does it say?
  2. Interpretation: what does it mean?
  3. Correlation: how do other Scriptures relate to and explain?
  4. Application: how does this apply to me?

Using the Basic Four Bible Study Method will greatly increase your understanding of God's Word and help you appropriately apply it to your life. 

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