The Blessing

Week 2

This Facilitator Guide will help you lead conversation. [Brackets] indicate simple cues for you, as a facilitator, and are not intended to be read aloud.

Conversation Starter

[Ask] Share something that you thought was a blessing at first but wasn’t really a blessing in the end.

Discussion Questions

Read Luke 6:20-28

[Ask] Share a blessing you received that was “wrapped in ugly paper.” In other words, share something that didn’t look like a blessing at first but turned out to be a blessing from God later.

Read Psalm 1

[Ask] How have you been blessed by doing life God’s way?

[Ask] What have your blessings cost you?


[Say} We are blessed people. But we are blessed to be a blessing. Right now we are going to bless each person who is here. Beginning with the person on my left. I’d like to ask you to share something that you appreciate about each person in our group. [Go around the room and have the group address each person]

[Say] Why not consider being a blessing to your family when you get together this Christmas. Maybe you could write a letter to each family member that included the blessing for them. You might even do what we did in our group at your family gathering.


[Use this opportunity as a group leader to pray a blessing over your members]

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