How to Hug a Vampire

Week 3

Conversation Starter

Who in your group has the coolest physical scar (that they are comfortable discussing)? What was the story behind how you got it?

Discussion Questions

  • Clayton mentioned this past week that “Over time we allow others wrong actions against us to determine our value and our identity.” Have you found this to be true in your life? How so?
  • How do you heal from “bite wounds”? [Forgiveness]
  • Clayton mentioned 6 things that forgiveness is NOT. Can you recall what they were?
        • [1. Denying or Diminishing the sin – pretending it didn’t happen. 2. Covering up the sin. 3. Forgetting the sin. 4. A Response to an Apology. 5. Trust – trust is gained slowly and lost quickly. 6. Reconciliation – you don't have to be friends.]
  • Clayton mention 7 things that forgiveness IS. Can you recall them?
          • [1. Cancelling a debt. 2. Removing that person's control of you. 3. A gift for them and for you. 4. Forsaking revenge – not trying to destroy them. 5. Leaving ultimate Justice to God. 6. A decision and a process. 7. Genuinely wanting good for the other person.]
  • Did any of these (what forgiveness is and isn’t) change your definition of forgiveness? How?
  • Read Matthew 6:14-15. According to this verse why is forgiveness so important? [Because it affects our relationship with God.]


Take some time to pray as a group through the following…

– Ask God to help you identify those who ‘owe’ you or who have wronged you

-Determine what it is exactly that they owe you. How were you wronged?

-Ask, with God’s help, to cancel their debt. Release it. Let it go. Leave it behind.

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