Week 3

Middle School

In just 2-3 minutes, tell one of your favorite family stories.

Discussion Questions

  • [Sometimes in a football game it is worthwhile to run an old play. This week in your Life Group you have an opportunity to do just that. For some groups this will be a new experience, and for others it’s the old play. In either case, it will be worth it. Follow the bullet points below, in order, and see what God does in your group.]
    • [Remind your group of some Life Group ground rules. “Don’t interrupt. Keep the answers about you and not someone else. Don’t rescue people by saying things like, “We all do that.”, or patting them on the shoulder, etc.”
    • [As the leader of the group, make the following statement.] We are going to look at the story of the prodigal son. We will tell the story the best we can without using our bibles. Then we will open our bibles and read the story. We will identify the things we missed and correct the order of events, if necessary. In the end, there will only be one question that each and every one of us will need to answer. The question is, “Which character in the story do you most identify with and why?”
    • [As the leader of your group, you should be the first person to answer the question. The degree to which you are transparent in your answer is the degree to which others will be transparent.]
    • [Do not rush people. Give them time to answer. Be sensitive to what the Holy Spirit might be doing in a person’s life.]


[Take turns praying for people in the group. Each person should pray for someone.]

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