Wreck The Roof

 Week 5

This Facilitator Guide will help you lead conversation. [Brackets] indicate simple cues for you, as a facilitator, and are not intended to be read aloud.

Conversation Starter: Let your group try to rebuild the Bible story from this week without using the Scripture. If your group is a more adventurous group, act out this Bible story. In the end, read the story from the Bible.

[Watch this week’s video]

Key Point: When we make God’s value our own, it allows God to wreck the roof of our insecurities.

Discussion Questions:

  • Who was Zacchaeus before meeting Jesus? Who was he after meeting Jesus?
  • Who were you before you met Jesus? Who are you now?
  • Zacchaeus had something to prove. It motivated him. What is our motivation? What should it be?


  • What are the things that are so valuable to me that I wouldn’t want to part with them? Is my desire to to hang on to these things Godly or is it driven by my insecurities?
  • Zacchaeus’ roof was wrecked in a quite immediate way. Can you say the same about your life after you came to Christ? Are there insecurities in your life that Jesus is asking you to give up? What are they? What actions need to be taken immediately to wreck your roof?

Do not let insecurities keep you from being who God desires you to be!

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