Join us for Christmas Eve!

The Crossing invites you, your family and friends to join us for a very special Christmas Eve service! Find the service times by location below. We look forward to having you with us!


Grace, the unmerited favor of a holy God, was given to a lost world through Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. It remits and forgives the sin of all who repent and believe in Christ. Although grace is available for all humanity, it requires the response of faith.


Faith responds to God’s grace by repentance, a change of heart brought from conviction encouraged by the Holy Spirit, by belief in Who Jesus is, and by trust evidenced in simple obedience and submission to His will. God works through these two joined realities to provide regeneration, justification, sanctification, and glorification.


Regeneration or the new birth is God working through His grace to make us new creations in Christ. The old life is gone and the new has come. Baptism by immersion is the outward obedient picture of Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection- reflecting our belief and trust in His completed work for our salvation.


Justification is the acquittal and removal of our sin that brings us into a position of peace with God.


Sanctification is the process of reflecting the glory of God in ever increasing measure, our thoughts and actions illustrating a pattern of growth aligned to God’s Word. It comes through the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit placed in every believer. He sets us apart and guides us to His purposes. We are adopted into His family and made joint heirs with Jesus Christ.


Glorification is the promise given at salvation for God to be faithful in finishing the work He started until we join Him in Heaven.