Planting seeds of Christ
that will last a lifetime.

Our purpose at The Crossing Preschool is to provide an atmosphere of Christian love, safety, support, social enrichment, and academic excellence for every child as they prepare for kindergarten.

We want to assist parents in planting seeds of God’s love in their children. We believe that when we plant the seed, the Lord will grow each child into a passionate believer in Christ.

Why Crossing Preschool?

The Bible and alphabet will be incorporated into our main curriculum, which will be enriched with holidays, weather, field trips, math, science and show and tell. Calendars will go home at the beginning of the month with the most accurate information. Please put these dates in your personal calendar.  We will also ask you to download the “REMIND” app and we will use this to communicate important events.

During the 2nd semester, Pre-K will introduce Spanish words, and reading using sight words.  The Little Gardeners will emphasize the numbers six through ten, cutting shapes, patterning and the five senses.

Enhanced Pre-K will continue building phonemic awareness skills, sight words, and emergent reading skills. STEM activities will be expanded as well as writing and critical thinking skills.

Early morning drop off and late pick up available.

Still have questions? Learn more about the Preschool offered at your campus!

Enrollment is open to any child, provided the school can meet the needs of that child.

Pre-K – The child must be four years old by September 1, and toilet trained.

Enhanced Pre-K– A child must have completed a Pre-K program.

Little Gardeners – The child must be three years old by September 1, and toilet trained or in a pull-up.

Payment for Preschool is easy! To pay online, click the appropriate button below.

If you are unable to pay online, please feel free to contact your local Preschool!